How can you help us?

Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziemi is a Public Benefit Organization running a hospice for children and is entered into the National Court Register with the number KRS 0000017073

Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziemi is registered in the database of non-governmental organizations
Our Foundation provides both a Stationary and Home Hospice for incurably sick children and their families at their homes.

In July 2018, we have started the building of a New Home for our children and adults at Służewska Street 7 in Torun. We have been building a new house for our patients to ensure high level of medical services. The New Home will also be a place of rest for parents who look after seriously ill children at home. Parents need time to settle everyday issues. They simply dream of having a moment of rest so as to regain their strength to continue caring for a sick child at home.

Each donation is a great help for us and motivates the hospice team to further actions.

Join us and build a New Home for our children!

You may support us in the following ways


1% of income tax-Please remember about

Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna 

Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziem when you submit you annual PIT

The National Court Register of our foundation-KRS  0000017073


Thanks to 1% of your income tax we will be able to:

  • Provide medical, nursing, rehabilitation and psychological support for the sick children and their families
  • purchase medicines and small medical equipment for children under the care of the stationary ward and home hospice


Pay for donation

  • Make a traditional money transfer.


Our transfer details below (name, address and the account of our foundation)


Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna

Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziemi w Toruniu

Włocławska Street 169 B

87-100 Toruń

Inter-bank account

Santander Bank Polska S.A. o/Toruń

Account number:  21 1090 1506 0000 0001 0385 1201


Donations from abroad:

Santander Bank Polska S.A Warszawa

IBAN   PL41 1090 1506 0000 0001 2161 0280 (USD)



We are grateful for your support

Fundraising on Facebook

Nowadays, there are many options of fundraising for terminally ill children. There is no doubt that Facebook plays an important role and is very efficient in methods of fundraising. However, it is the people behind Facebook, the whole community, who are able to help our sick children at any time. If you want to support us and share your ideas how to do it ,please do not hesitate and join us.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Special fundraising

  • Weddings
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Birthday fundraising
  • The Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, The First Holy Communion

’’A man is only happy when he loves and gives something. For greater happiness is to give than to take’’

Max Scheler

A wedding ceremony or a family celebration is an opportunity to engage your guests in helping terminally the ill children. During family celebrations, your guests can be encouraged to donate any amount of money to our foundation instead of buying flowers for you. Such a request can be included in the invitation.  Any financial support is very important to our foundation. It will allow us to buy medicines, hygiene products and equipment for our children.

How to do it?

Please contact us to find out more


Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziemi

Hospicjum Nadzieja

  1. Włocławska 169B

87-100 Toruń

Phone number:56 652 05 49


  • We will provide you with any necessary information
  • We will prepare a box with the logo of our foundation.
  • Your guests can be asked to make payments directly to the foundation account of Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziemi
  • You will be given a small surprise from us.

Feel the joy of helping and join us!

Thank you for all your support

KRS: 0000017073 | Nr konta: 21 1090 1506 0000 0001 0385 1201