The organizational structure of The Social and Charitable Foundation to Help The Family and The Earth.

We are a Public Benefit Organization. As a part of our activity we run:

1. The Home Hospice

Hospicjum Nadzieja (The Hope Hospice for Children) has been operating in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region since 2002. The costs of palliative care is covered by The Children’s Home Hospice, the parents of our patients do not bear any treatment costs. The Home Hospice was established out of the needs of treatment and care for terminally ill children outside hospital wards. Until now, seriously ill children have been treated constantly in pediatric clinics and hospital wards. When medicine can do nothing more and both children and parents start missing their homes more and more after a long time treatment in the wards, then the hospice takes over the palliative care. Not only the patients but also their families can count on comprehensive health care services at their place of residence. The hospice staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the family has the opportunity to contact the medical staff at any time. Seriously ill children feel safe at home, close to their beloved family. Nowadays, we are looking after about  50 children who suffer from central nervous system dysfunctions, complex malformations, metabolic and cancer diseases.

How does it work?

We are able to look after a child from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region with the referral from the attending doctor (having a contract with the NFZ). The Team of Hospice Specialists makes the decision about qualifying the child for hospice care.

What do we provide?

  • We provide 24-hour palliative and therapeutic care.
  • We ensure comprehensive medical support, nursing and physiotherapeutic care.
  • Our children are looked after by a team of psychologists, educators and clinical speech therapists who try to solve the problems that may arise at every stage of a child’s illness.     
  • Rehabilitation support for chronically ill children with a locomotor dysfunction.
  • Our highly-qualified staff get to our patients.     
  • We offer a new specialized medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, suction devices, inhalers, infusion pumps and others.
  • Apart from a remedial therapy, we teach parents how to improve the mobility of their child, we provide necessary rehabilitation equipment.
  • Whenever it is possible, our Torun Hospice for Children provides transport of children for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and specialised consultations.
  • We arrange the transport of children to the rehabilitation centres.
  • We organize fundrising and apply to the families for setting up a sub-account for a sick child. The total funds raised by foundation are transferred to the account of a sick child and his family.

Who to ask for help and advice? 


Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna Pomoc Rodzinie i Ziemi

ul.Włocławska 169B

87-100 Toruń

Tel:56 652 05 49

 2. 24-hour Stationary Nursing Home

Not all seriously ill or disabled children can stay at their family homes. That was the reason why we decided to set up a stationary nursing ward in 2008, the only one of its kind in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. The Torun Children Hospice is surrounded by forest, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the same time 12 children can be treated in the place we call home. Professional care is provided by the highly qualified staff. There is a fully equipped therapy room for the polysensory exercises. Our team consists of nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, neurologists and trained therapists who work with our children and young people. Both the employees of our nursing home and volunteeres spend much time with our patients to make them feel at family home. They often replace the patients’ parents and help the sick children in everyday activities like reading books or going for a walk. Some of the children whose health condition is good enough are taken to Torun kindergartens or schools for integrated activities. Thanks to the work of the whole team, the children not only develop much better, but also improve their skills. A part of the total costs of the patients’ treatment is covered by the National Health Fund. The amount of money which is paid by NFZ contract does not cover all the expenses of the stationary nursing home. The foundation can take care of seriously ill children thanks to helpful voluntary donors with big hearts.

We are grateful for any help given to us. 

Who is taken under the care of the hospice team?

  • Terminally ill children for whom permanent or periodical care at home cannot be provided
  • Orphans or children temporarily deprived of the legal guardian due to unusual circumstances
  • Children being deprived of the chance to be treated at family home because of difficult material and social situation
  • Children who need a place of stay for temporary treatment due to the parents’ illness, family therapy or necessity of their travel with healthy siblings
  • Chronically ill children


Required documents necessary for a child to be admitted to the stationary nursing home

  • A referral written by a doctor to a stationary nursing home
  • the patient health card and the child’s discharge from hospital
  • a child’s health book
  • a child’s vaccination card
  • General Data Protection Regulation, Article 13


 3. The Nursing Ward for Mechanically Ventilated Children. 

In February 2017, Fundacja Społeczno-Charytatywna Pomoc Rodziniei Ziemi has broadened its activities to care about children with respiratory insufficiency who require invasive breathing therapy using a respirator. The costs of treatment are covered by The National Health Fund. Parents are expected to bear the costs of accommodation and meals of a child treated in the ward.


A procedure for referring patients to stationary nursing hospice and mechanical ventilation ward:

  • A hospital doctor’s referral to mechanical ventilation ward
  • A patient’s hospital information card
  • A patient’s medical research
  • A patient’s assessment to mechanical ventilation issued by anesthesiology specialist and intensive care doctor

A child’s parent’s or a guardian’s agreement to this kind of treatment

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